Proposed Group Guidelines | SCBG

The following article contains the proposed changes to the membership guidelines. Please take a moment to read them over. We will discuss the guidelines at future meetings and vote on a final version after everyone has had the chance to read them.

Facebook and the Perfect Post

Being a digital marketer on the Space Coast has allowed me the opportunity to work with a great deal of different types of businesses in many industries.  One common factor I have noticed regardless of industry or tenure in the business world is the understanding social media is important. As business owners we know social […]

Does Emailing Your Customers Still Work?

Not only is emailing your customers still important, it’s one of the easiest, least expensive and most effective (though often overlooked) ways to reach you existing and potential customers. Business owners always want to reach more customers. What many overlook is the treasure trove of customers right in front of them: existing customers who have […]

Why is LinkedIn Important to Your Business

Most professionals and business owners know that social media is important for their careers and business. Why do so many people overlook one of the largest social media networks for business? LinkedIn is a huge resource that is often overlooked by companies when trying to market to customers and other businesses. Admittedly LinkedIn is a […]

Three Easy Networking Tips | What to Consider

Networking is essential for the success of most businesses but most dread walking into a meeting. This post focuses on some basics to calm your nerves and make you more effective in networking meetings. Most business owners know networking is essential for their growth(especially in the early days of the business) but many people are […]

Wild Manta: Perfect for Networking

Wild Manta is a facility located in Palm Bay Florida that not only provides professional space for meetings but is a one stop shop for product development including branding. Most people in Melbourne and Palm Bay have heard of or driven by the “Wild Manta” (Formerly the Knowledge Exchange) located on Babcock Street but few […]