Learn about local business.

Share your knowledge and educate others.

Knowledgeable Members

Our group has many experienced members that are happy to share lessons and best practices they learned through experience.

Startups Welcome

If you have a new business, or even want to start one, come sit in on a meeting! We love meeting new business owners!

Give Back

Help others by sharing your experience and best practices. All of our members always are looking to learn!

Interactive Meetings

When you join SCBG you are introduced to many great local businesses, their resources, and connections. In addition to learning, you educate others about your business which generates referrals over time. Each meeting begins with each member giving a short introduction about their product, service or business.

Every member is scheduled for 10 minute group presentations on a rotating basis

This allows you to educate the group about your business.

The more people know about your business the more referrals you generate.

We are Local

Local business is the core of any community. Meet other local business owners and representatives from the Space Coast who can help refer your business to their own base of connections.

In addition to learning about the wide variety of local businesses that are on the Space Coast, you have the opportunity to educate others about your products, services, and business.

Learn about other local businesses and what they have to offer in addition to educating the group about your business and services.

Group Presentations

Each week we dedicate ten minutes of our meeting for a member to present their business to the entire group. This allows you to present more aspects of your business and inspire others to learn more. We also have guest presenters quarterly to help educate the group on a variety of topics relating to business and the Space Coast.

Group presentations are a great way to hone your public speaking skills in a safe, judgment-free environment. Many businesses that join our group are in their early stages and don’t have a lot of experience talking about what they do in front of others. SCBG is the perfect platform to practice your speaking and seek feedback from members you have developed relationships with.

We always foster a positive environment without criticism. Come learn with us.

Our Mission

We help your business grow.


Join us.

We passed over $130,000 in closed business last year.  Come join us as our guest for two meetings before deciding if you’d like to apply.