We welcome everyone to join our virtual or in-person meetings as a guest up to two times before deciding if you’d like to apply to be a member.  There’s no obligation to join, and even if your industry is already represented we’d love to meet you. 

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What to Expect

Space Coast Business Group is focused on building trust among local business owners in different industries to generate referral business.  We track our metrics to measure success.  We allow one business per industry to be represented at a time.

Currently, our weekly meetings are hosted virtually on Zoom.  Out of an abundance of caution, in-person meetings have been postponed.  We will revisit this decision monthly as we now have secured a permanent venue to meet in person.

Active Membership

Our goal is to ensure our membership receives referrals from members to help grow business.  To accomplish this, it is important members are active and present at virtual and/or in-person meetings.  Members are required to attend at least two meetings per month unless otherwise discussed with leadership, or their protected industry spot will become available for a new member to take over.

No Long Term Commitment

Our monthly membership dues are $20 a month.  These dues are used to help promote the group and cover basic operational costs such as MeetUp and other platforms.  You can decide to leave the group at any time.  Please note, once you leave the group, your industry position may be replaced, preventing you from re-entering the group at a later time (until the spot opens back up).

We offer secure payment with your credit card via Square, so your data is always protected.

Structured Meetings

Our weekly meetings are structured to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to participate.  Every member and guest have the opportunity to speak in front of the group twice each meeting, using their time as they see fit.  This is a great way to make meaningful connections with other members of the meeting, and those they know in the community.