Grow both professionally and personally as you develop relationships with other business owners and are able to refer people you know for their services.

Get Involved.

Grow. Generate more business.

Effective Memebers

Our members are active and pass business once they get to know, like and trust your service or products.

Natural Partnerships

We work to help you identify natural partners that will have a meaningful impact on your business's bottom line.


We're committed to supporting group members with access to information and resources that can help grow business.

Organization is Key

Local businesses face an enormous amount of unique challenges every day. One of the most difficult is learning how to grow your business.

A great way to grow your business is through effective networking. Many local networking groups are ineffective and not organized.

Time is limited for any business so invest wisely.

SCBG even has a mentor to teach you how to network properly.

Easy, Effective Networking

SCBG’s goal is to continue to build our membership with local business owners who want to learn how to effectively network, market, and grow their business. Networking doesn’t have to be stressful, ineffective, or expensive. Let us show you how.

Not sure how to network? No problem. SCBG has a mentor to walk new members through the ins and outs of networking so you hit the ground running. Already an expert at networking? Great, we’d love to have you and learn from your experiences.

Invest your Time Wisely

As many business owners know, ineffective networking groups can take an enormous amount of time with little or no results to show for it. Invest your time wisely in a group with structure, purpose, and who gives back to the community it serves.

All networking groups are not created equal. Come visit us free of charge up to two times before deciding if you would like to join. Even if your industry is already represented in the group, we’d love to have you visit and introduce yourself in the event of future openings.

Come Grow with Us

Interested in growing your business and meeting great people along the way? Come check us out to see if you like what you see. Space is limited to one company per industry, so don’t delay. Visit. Apply. Grow. It’s really that simple.

Our Mission

We help your business grow.


Join us.

We passed over $130,000 in closed business last year, and are on track to break that number in 2020.  Come join us as our guest for two meetings before deciding if you’d like to apply.