Space Coast Business Group meets weekly so you can connect with other businesses. Our meetings are designed so everyone can participate and grow their connections.

See what set us apart.

Make meaningful Connections. Grow your business.

There is no pressure at our meetings to buy anything.

We don't allow members to join if their only goal is to sell to others in the group. We work on building meaningful connections

Our group is a low cost option but effective.

Membership is $50 a year. Room dues are $30 a quarter - $170 yearly. Not bad for over an average of $130,000 in closed business each year

Visit two meetings as our guest to check us out.

We welcome any business to join us for two meetings to determine if we're a good fit for you. Applications are processed fast.

Networking can be Effective

Effective networking is an excellent way to reach more customers. The first step in successful networking is developing meaningful connections.

As you develop your new connections you begin to know, like & trust others so you can confidently recommend their company. In return, as others begin to know you, referrals are generated for you resulting in new business.

We look for members who understand you have to give to receive.

Our members are active business owners who want to not only generate more business but also want to improve the Space Coast.

More than Meetings

To truly get to know other like-minded business owners on the Space Coast, we encourage our members to schedule meetings outside of the weekly group meeting. It’s these interactions that allow you truly get to know someone and their business, allowing you to further your connection and increase your chance of receiving a referral.

Together, our members are a wealth of knowledge that can you help in many aspects of growing your business.

Our Mission

We help your business grow.


Join us.

We referred over $130,000 in closed business last year, and are on track to break that number in 2020.  Come join us as our guest for two meetings before deciding if you’d like to apply.