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Space Coast Business Group meets weekly so you can connect with other businesses. Our meetings are designed so everyone can participate and grow their connections.

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Make meaningful Connections. Grow your business.

Effective networking is an excellent way to reach more customers. The first step in successful networking is developing meaningful connections.

As you develop your new connections you begin to know, like & trust others so you can confidently recommend their company. In return as others begin to know you, referrals are generated for you resulting in new business.

We look for members who understand you have to give to receive.

Our members are active business owners who want to not only generate more business but also want to improve the Space Coast.

Space Coast Business Group actively gives back to the community so we can make a real difference.

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More than Meetings

To truly get to know other like minded business owners on the Space Coast, we encourage our members to schedule meetings outside of the weekly group meeting. It’s these interactions that allow you truly get to know someone and their business, allowing you to further your connection and increase your chance of receiving a referral.

Together, our members are a wealth of knowledge that can you help in many aspects of growing your business.

Professional with No Pressure

Currently SCBG is meeting every Wednesday from 8am to 9am at the Wild Manta located at 5151 Babcock St NE, Melbourne, FL 32905. Wild Manta provides professional conference rooms with ample seating and technology for presenters.

There is no pressure to buy breakfast or coffee, though it is available in the cafe if you would like it. When you visit SCBG for the first time breakfast is on us.